By China Organ Harvest Research Center

China now performs more organ transplants than any other country in the world, despite having few donations. Where do these organs come from? A decade of research by international investigators has found that the Chinese regime is systematically killing prisoners of conscience on demand to feed its vast organ transplant industry. With patients throughout the world traveling to China for organ transplants, the practice has become a global crime.

Since the publication of our comprehensive report in 2018, we further examined the victims and drivers of forced organ harvesting in China, including its role in the persecution of Falun Gong.

This report includes testimonies of relatives of suspected organ harvesting victims and other missing persons, as well as survivors who were detained and tortured in China for their religious beliefs but escaped organ harvesting.

We also apply international law regarding genocide and crimes against humanity to the Chinese regime’s killing of prisoners of conscience for organs and its campaign to eradicate Falun Gong.

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