By China Organ Harvest Research Center

China now performs more organ transplants than any other country in the world, despite having few donations. Where do these organs come from? A decade of research by international investigators has found that the Chinese regime is systematically killing prisoners of conscience on demand to feed its vast organ transplant industry. With patients throughout the world traveling to China for organ transplants, the practice has become a global crime.

This report builds on previous research and incorporates the latest developments since Chinese officials announced a complete transition to an ethical organ donation and transplantation framework in 2015. We find that:

  • transplants continue to outpace donations
  • transplant tourism to Chinese hospitals continues to thrive despite official statements to the contrary
  • regulatory and oversight mechanisms have not been implemented in practice
  • most organs continue to be sourced from prisoners of conscience

Overview of Findings

On-Demand Transplants

While organ transplants are normally conducted only as donors become available, in China, vital organs can be transplanted on demand with short wait times. They are also scheduled in advance and use organs taken from living sources.

Huge Transplant Volume

The latest research estimates that China performs far more organ transplants each year than its official figure of 10,000 indicates, and more than any other country in the world, despite having few voluntary donors.

A State Crime

Official organ sources—executed prisoners and donations—can account for only a small fraction of all transplants performed in China. The vast majority are taken from unwilling prisoners of conscience.

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